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Introduction to the main functions of scenic passage gates

Scenic passage gates can effectively prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the designated area and prevent accidents from happening; it can meet the tourism needs of tourists to visit, leisure and vacation, and has independent management areas with corresponding tourism facilities and corresponding tourism services. Can greatly reduce the work intensity of the staff, improve work efficiency; can provide timely and convenient passenger flow and financial statements at various times, and scenic passage gates can also help improve the corporate image of the property management company. The installation of the channel machine system in the scenic area can better manage and improve the order of tourists in the scenic area, and also reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Scenic channel gates are generally composed of movement, chassis, gate pendulum (gate wings, gate lever), control module and some auxiliary modules such as alarm, counting, and traffic detection. Professionals and customers are very easy to understand, these belong to The hardware can be seen at a glance, and the internal gate system structure is difficult for non-professionals to understand, so we will provide users with advisory services before gate installation, and provide scenic passages for gate users to complete. Comprehensive investigation and analysis of the branch functions and performances and requirements of the gate system and corresponding solutions. If you are not professional, it is easy to cause communication barriers and misunderstandings, resulting in many projects that cannot be accurately selected and fail. The editor thinks it is necessary to list which systems and functions the dock gates of some scenic spots are connected to.


1. The access control system is the most commonly used docking module for gates, which is mainly used for the management of access rights of channels.

2. The attendance system is generally used in conjunction with the access control system. Generally, it cannot be connected to the gate system alone, except for customized products.

3. The visitor system is also a common system used in conjunction with the gate, and is also the most common security management measure used in office buildings, factories, government agencies, financial institutions and other occasions to keep abreast of the dynamics of visitors.

4. The most popular face recognition gate at the moment is the most representative product for the docking of the gate and the biological identification system. In addition, fingerprint recognition gates, finger veins, and iris gates are also highly customized gate products. .

5. The video monitoring system linkage gates record the entry and exit of gate passages at any time. The real-name verification gates on site are the most typical application products.

6. The ticketing system mainly cooperates with the gate to achieve more accurate and unmanned management of the ticketing system application. The combination of the ID card and the facial comparison gate is the most common application in airports, customs, high-speed rail, railway stations and other occasions. Channel gate products.

7. Scenic channel gate management system The combination of scenic channel gate, visitor system and access control attendance system.

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