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Installation and problem detection of full-height turnstile

It is not possible to install full-height gates for safety exits.SafetyMany export chains are not installed, and some high-end office buildings are also equipped with push rod locks. Workshops, schools, and shopping malls are even more impossible. Everyone in the workshop has a portable access control card. Even if there is a power outage, it can be accessed. And only need to activate the fire hydrant alarm bell, all access control can be opened. Normally there are more than 100 people in a workshop side by side, so there are more than 400 people in the workshop, which is very dangerous. Of course, some people saySafetyThe door is an escape door, and there is no full-height access control system. Some people say that the safety exit can be equipped with a full-height gate. Set up linkage with fire alarm. At the time of fire alarm, the door can be opened automatically.


Can be installed with full-height gates. Today's access control controllers can basically be linked with fire control or other equipment. Usually fire control gives an on-off signal. Set the corresponding door or all doors in the access control software to open at the same time, or open for a period of time. According to the fire acceptance request, it is usually opened continuously. To restore the normal state, it is necessary to power off the access control controller once. This full-height linkage setting is based on the communication between the hardware and only the communication line between the access control (RS485) TIC/IP) Communication can be completed normally.

Why does the full-height switch have no unexpected problems such as faults, and how can the problem be resolved in the fastest time? The common fault indicator design is used for the full-height switch, so that the fault signal can be reflected in the first time when the fault occurs, and the problem can be solved quickly. Below we give a detailed introduction to the fault situation of the full height gate:

Fault 1. No action after the full-height gate signal is given

Detection method:

A. If the drive board D1 light is on, check whether there is AC220V voltage output to the motor;

B. If the D1 light of the driver board is off, the driver board is damaged.

Fault 2. When the full-height gate is used online, the gate will be opened as soon as the photoelectric switch is cut off;

Detection method: A. Check whether the online line corresponds to the connection.

Fault 3. The swing arm rolls back and forth after the full-height gate is powered on or there is no limit after opening

Detection method:

A. Test limit photoelectric switch:

Check whether the limit switch of the zero position, left limit and right limit is powered. When there is power supply, the B, A, and C right indicators in the driver board are on;

B. Check whether the connection between the limit photoelectric switch and the drive board is reliable;

C. If the limit photoelectric switch and wiring are normal, the motherboard will be damaged.

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