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Dealing with Sudden Problems of Speed-Through Door

As a speed-pass door product for high-end places, speed-pass doors are widely used as tools for managers in and out of indoor places. It is characterized by fashionable appearance, fast speed and high intelligence.Speed ​​gateThe ability to deal with emergencies during use is directly related to whether the product meets fire protection requirements and emergency needs. It is a very important point for everyone to buy the product of Speedgate. How to deal with the sudden situation encountered by the speed pass door in use?

When the quick-pass door is in use, there is a sudden power failure. The door wing will automatically open to facilitate the passage of personnel in emergency situations, which meets the fire protection requirements. After the power is turned on, the wings are automatically closed. People must pass a verification method such as swiping a card. In the event of fire or other emergencies, emergency evacuation of the crowd can be achieved by directly turning off the power of the quick-pass door.


Under normal circumstances, when the danger or panic occurs, the quick-pass door channel will open, and in an emergency, such as a bandit police, etc., you can manually close the channel through the remote control button. After the power is turned on or the emergency situation is lifted, the rear door wing is automatically reset after barrier-free self-test.

The working states of the direction indication are respectively: the green arrow points to the left, the green arrow points to the right, or the red cross. If the direction indication does not respond, or the indicated direction is incorrect. You can switch to another test and try it with a good pair. Recheck the wiring. If the working status is normal, but the direction of the indication is reversed, you only need to interchange the left and right signal lines on the direction indication.

After the card has been swiped, the swing door does not open the door, and there is no response. Check again to see if the opening signal line has dropped. Check whether the opening signal indicator on the main board has received the opening signal.

After swiping the speed pass door, one was opened, and the other was not. Check again if the sync line is connected. After making sure that it is connected, whether the motherboard that does not turn on has received the signal of turning on. If not, check again whether the wiring has dropped and whether the plug on the motherboard has been inserted properly.

Speed-opening door Speed-opening door has an automatic opening function after power off. If it does not open after power off, the reason is that the backup battery (battery) voltage inside is not enough. Can the available multimeter voltage be above DC10V? Power off automatic opening function The battery needs at least 10V or more voltage to drive the control system and motor. If the voltage is not enough, please charge the battery for enough time. If it is close to the control board to charge the battery, it needs at least 20 hours.

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