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Advantages of smart swing gate

The intelligent swing gate is a widely used channel device, which swings on the left and right sides, usually in the normally closed state, that is, the swing gate is in the middle, the authorization signal is obtained, the gate swings forward and the pedestrian can pass, and when the pedestrian is in the middle, the swing gate passes The electronic anti-shooting detection fails, the machine starts the anti-pinch function, the machine gate is not closed, and the swing gate also has a mechanical anti-pinch. Even if the electronic anti-shooting is broken, the mechanical anti-pinch can work at any time, ensuring the safety of pedestrians is the most important. When someone breaks through the gate and the external force suddenly strikes, the ordinary swing gate will damage the swing rod or the movement (depending on the magnitude of the external force), the swing gate of the anti-collision swing arm, the swing arm is biased to the side, manual reset, to protect the movement The effect of illegal intrusion, the brake will alarm.


The intelligent swing gate has a voice prompt, and the gate will pass normally, there will be a voice prompt, a sense of intimacy, and you can change the prompt mode. In fire protection mode, the sluice gate automatically receives the fire mode signal, and the sluice gate automatically enters the fire safari mode. It is suitable for emergency evacuation. The gate will not be closed at will. The power gate will automatically open. It meets the requirements of the fire protection function. , The gate is connected to the computer, can be operated remotely, set remotely, and can be operated remotely with the network, compatible with Android and Apple systems, saving trouble and worry.

The intelligent swing gate has an organic core, 4-wheel drive and 4-slot brake, which belongs to sliding friction. The speed gate motor is directly driven, and the solenoid clutch brakes without any friction.

Smart swing gates generally use proximity switches or optocoupler signals. The contact area is large, and the limit is not accurate. The quick-pass gate uses an encoder limit, which can be accurate to 1°, so the swing gate and the quick-pass gate cannot be in the same grade. Many companies on the market say that the current swing gate movement board is used as a quick-pass door, and its quality performance does not fully meet the standard of the quick-pass door. The appearance looks the same as that of Sutong, and it is a typical cottage version when used.

The limit of the ordinary swing gate is completed by the proximity switch. The position of the proximity switch every time it stops is not very accurate, it can only be approximated, and it is guaranteed by the four-slot position of the movement, but the biggest problem of this movement is wear Serious, every time swinging, sliding friction against the four-groove wheel, it is recommended to use it particularly frequently, this swing gate is not recommended for application, you must consider the speed gate orSmart swing gateAnd three roller gates and other gates.

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