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What are the advantages of channel gate rental

Shenzhen Kaidexun Technology Co., Ltd. provides three-roller gate, swing gate, wing gate, straight gate, access control system,The channel gate is mainly rented, and gradually improve the integration of magnetic cards, IC/ID cards, barcodes, QR codes, second-generation ID card recognition technology, and infrared series products.

With the progress of the times, the improvement of working conditions, the rapid development of my country's economy, the large-scale urbanization construction is ongoing, this process will continue for many years. During this period, various fields and various industries are in a stage of high development. During the construction and use of a large number of permanent buildings, structures, roads, bridges, and transportation facilities, a large number of different requirements are required to meet different requirements. , Temporary and flexible temporary buildings and supporting facilities.At present, the domestic temporary construction industry is different in different regions and regions.Channel gate rentalThe large market demand is temporary construction in the construction industry and urban rail transit construction sites. It is used for workers’ dormitories, offices, canteens and warehouses. Especially the box-type real-name channel on the construction site is popular with project users.


Channel gate rentalIt is suitable for units that frequently change the construction site. The basic production volume on site is small, and can be used after being transported to the site. The house can be recycled and used continuously for more than 10-15 years. No construction waste is generated during use. The overall welding of the top of the real-name channel adopts a waterproof structure design to enhance the airtightness and watertightness of the house. According to the actual application, you can choose to configure the combination channel and decorative accessories, we are responsible for installation, guidance or training installation.

1. Strong and durable, strong weather resistance: all made of steel materials, a box is a whole, with strong windproof, fireproof, waterproof, anticorrosive, anti-seismic, anti-deformation capabilities, the impact of earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters is minimal . It has good corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt spray, etc., and is suitable for use in various humid and corrosive environments. The duty room has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance and so on. Refers to the design of double-deck built-in ventilation system, air convection with sun protection function, energy saving and environmental protection.

2.Environmental protection and energy saving: immediate ordering, immediate delivery, immediate access, immediate grouping, immediate use, no use of any operating waste; can be recycled for more than 10 years.

3. The channel gate is easy to rent and disassemble, and the combination is flexible: the real-name channel and other box-type houses are of an overall structure. They can be quickly transported to the destination by crane. On-site hoisting, check-in on the same day, disassembly is simpler, just hoist and transport away. All equipment and utensils inside can be hung together. Multiple box channels can be used to arbitrarily combine real-name channels of different shapes and sizes. The combination is convenient and extremely fast.

4. For projects with multiple aisle requirements or long-distance transportation, it can be compressed and packaged and shipped to the site for assembly. The box aisle can be quickly moved at any time. Only a forklift can be used to move the whole distance, and only a flatbed trailer and forklift can be used. Long-distance overall movement. Reduce investment in transportation costs.

5. Easy to move: the entire real-name system channel can be moved to any position you want at any time with the coverage of cranes, forklifts, and construction cranes. At present, our company's products include real-name box-type channels, box-type combined offices, box-type combined dormitory, duty rooms, sentry boxes, shops, single-person multi-person toilets, kitchen rooms, multi-box combined assembled office meeting rooms, etc., according to The user requires order design and processing.

6. Beautiful appearance: The wall adopts color steel sandwich panel and small panel combined design. The products are connected scientifically and the surface is smooth and smooth.

7. There are no special requirements for the site of the passage gate rental. The use site needs to be grounded. Even ordinary cement can be placed. The whole box is transported to the site and placed on the external power supply for immediate use without any on-site line installation.

8. The service life of channel gate rental products is at least more than 10 years. It can be used repeatedly and moved without disassembly and assembly, without material loss. After a project is calculated according to 2 years, it can be moved to another new project in whole or in part immediately. In this way, at least five projects can be done without repeated construction, which is more cost-effective than repeatedly buying and constructing other temporary housing facilities.

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