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Anti-static ESD access control system

The anti-static ESD access control system is suitable for: SMT production line control area, semiconductor industry clean room, high-tech research and development room, national defense and military static control area, explosives processing area, aviation and space maintenance calibration area, pharmaceutical factory static control area, hospital Controlled areas, static control areas for the biochemical industry, and other occasions that require antistatic test protection.

The anti-static ESD access control system is composed of a comprehensive static test module, movement, gate, identification module, gate control module, management software, etc.

Static comprehensive test module. According to the relevant industry standards, static tests are carried out on the feet wearing anti-static shoes and the hands wearing anti-static wrist straps at the same time. Only those who pass the static test under the corresponding authority can pass. Each detection part is equipped with a corresponding detection indicator, which can see the detection result in real time. Can be equipped with visual LCD screen.


Movement. The internal movement is highly integrated. It is a module that integrates driving, locking and control functions. It has a completely silent structure. The components are all anti-corrosion and wear-resistant treatments, which are durable. Equipped with professional lock lever device, precise positioning detection device, make the gate run smoothly, flexible and reliable locking, accurate positioning of the brake lever. In case of emergency, it will automatically close when the power is cut off.

Gate. Molded welding technology molding; internal parts mold production; electrical parts and electromechanical parts are directly connected to the control unit to reduce pipelines, line and pipe are clear; line interface logo is clear and clear, line interfaces are treated according to anti-connection and reverse treatment.

Identification module. Support multiple identification control methods such as password, RF card, fingerprint, face, etc., and the combined use of these methods, including: fingerprint identification, password + fingerprint identification, single password, RF card + fingerprint identification, separate card, RF card + password , Face, face recognition + password, face recognition + RF card, etc. Generally, IC (ID) cards are more commonly used.

Gate control module. Integrate power control module and access control module in one

Management software. You can set different detection requirements of employees in the software interface on the server, view static test results and traffic in real time, and export static test reports.

1. When the employee tests the static wrist strap OK, the gate automatically opens, allowing access to the workshop

2. When the employee tests the static shoes OK, the gate automatically opens to allow entry into the workshop (left and right feet can be distinguished)

3. When the staff tests that both the static shoes and the static wrist strap are OK, the gate automatically opens to allow entry into the workshop

4. When the customer needs to enter the workshop, only need to swipe the VIP card, without detection, the gate automatically opens, allowing entry into the workshop

5. When the internal management personnel need to enter the workshop, the anti-static ESD access control system only needs to swipe the test-free card, without detection, the gate automatically opens, allowing entry

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