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Functional characteristics of three roller gate

The entire operation of the three-roller brake is driven by the motor, which can control the flow of people in or out in a single machine. When the authorization is granted, the brake lever is turned forward 15°-20°, indicating that the brake lever is pushed forward forward, driven smoothly by the motor, waiting for the next authorization to continue, when the authorization is not passed, the brake lever is within the specified time Cancel the authority, the brake lever returns to the middle zero position, someone illegally breaks in, the brake lever is locked and the police is reported. The utility model has the function of automatic power-on when the power is turned off and the power is turned off. It is very convenient to use and has no noise. The rotation of the brake lever is completely driven by the machine to realize the automatic power-on, which is convenient and fast. The functional characteristics of the three roller gate machine are as follows:

1. The three-roller gate is authorized to pass by one person and one card, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of replacing the card. Strong security, due to the large area of ​​the blocking body, it can effectively prevent pedestrians from climbing up and down and illegally passing through.

2. The one-way or two-way automatic identification of the three-roller gate system greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment. When people pass, the gate system will automatically identify the direction of entry and exit, providing managers with more accurate data. The passing speed is faster, similar to the wing gate.

3. Real-time data management, three-roller brake system automatic statistics, customizable real-time query card swipe record, used for attendance management.


4. The three-roller gate is equipped with high-quality speed regulating motor to realize precise control. The channel width is between three roller gates and swing gates, generally between 550mm-900mm.

5. The introduction of non-destructive movement structure, stable performance and easy maintenance, and long service life. Anti-collision function: When the brake lever is locked, it cannot be pushed with external force and can withstand the impact force within a safe range.

6. High-flow machine core and three-roller brake are suitable for high-frequency applications. After the legal pass signal is given, if no one passes within the specified pass time (adjustable), the system will automatically restore the brake lever to the zero position, cancel the pass and do not count.

7. All-round personal safety protection: Automatically drop the pole in emergency states such as power failure and fire, to achieve barrier-free passage. In an emergency, the wing will quickly retract into the box, which can easily form an obstacle-free passage, increase the speed of passage, and facilitate pedestrian evacuation. Automatic pole drop function: automatic pole drop when power off (default) (optional free pass mode without power drop), it is convenient for evacuating people and meets fire protection requirements

Three roller gate applications:

◆ Office: smart buildings, business buildings, government agencies, etc.

◆ Science and education units: schools, colleges, research institutes, libraries, etc.

◆ Commercial service places: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks, etc.

◆ Living place: community, community, apartment, dormitory, etc.

◆ Transportation station: bus station, railway station, subway, airport, etc.

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