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Vertical three roller gate with double movement

Vertical three roller gate with double movement

It is a common and popular style in the pedestrian access control on the market, especially the most common entrances and exits in subway stations, scenic spots, residential areas, etc. In these types of entrances with huge flow of people, choose to use three roller gates...

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Double-movement vertical three-roller gate is a common and popular style in the pedestrian access control on the market, especially in subway stations, scenic spots, residential areas and other entrances and exits. Using three roller gates, then he must have his unique advantages before being used on a large scale.

The manufacturing process of the dual-core vertical three-roller gate machine is simpler and the production cycle is shorter, and the lower price is still very attractive to customers. At the same time, the quality is also guaranteed, the thickness of the chassis can be selected from 1.0 to 2.0mm, and the cost-effective pedestrian access gate is not a worthy name.

●Automatic reset function: Through the spring damper and balance mechanism to ensure that the gate is always in a safe and stable state of operation; a unique incomplete gear transmission system is adopted to make the gate locked and unlocked at zero position more accurate and reliable.

●Super bright traffic indication function: the direction indication adopts super bright LED light design, the indication is more eye-catching;

●Multiple pass mode functions: You can set two pass modes: gate bidirectional swipe card or unidirectional free pass;

●Pass-request memory function: after swiping the card multiple times, the gate will remember the number of passers and close the gate after all pedestrians pass;

●Power-off and drop-off function: the brake lever will automatically fall after the brake is powered off to facilitate the evacuation of personnel;

●Anti-collision function: When the brake lever is locked, the entire product shape plate is stamped and formed with 304 stainless steel plate, which is rust-proof, durable, and cannot be pushed by external force;

●Various control functions: can be connected to various reading and writing devices such as buttons, remote control, bar code meter, IC or ID;

●Anti-trailing function: the lever will automatically lock after the brake turns 120 degrees after each pass;

●Remote control function: It can connect RS485 card or TCP to RS485 remote control gate through computer;

●Automatic locking function: after swiping the card, it does not pass within the specified time, the gate is locked again to cancel the passage, the time is 1-60 seconds. It adopts ARM control techniques and adopts industrial-grade control methods to achieve a brand-new product. All products are extremely stable during start-up and shutdown during operation, and they can quickly achieve brake lock.

●Passage limit function: the number of passers can be restricted by software to meet the personnel management in special circumstances;

●Counting function: can increase the counter to count the number of people entering and exiting;

●Anti-reverse passage function: During the passage, the brake lever can only move forward after turning a certain angle to prevent one card from too many people;

●Illegal intrusion alarm: when a pedestrian passes by without a card, the three-roller gate will alarm to remind the pedestrian to swipe the cartoon; the double-movement vertical three-roller gate can more effectively prevent the occurrence of entry and exit trails, and will not let those who have not been identified and certified. Personnel sneak in at will. The safety of places and personnel is guaranteed, and potential dangers are effectively avoided.

●Hydraulic buffer function: In order to reduce the metal impact sound during operation, hydraulic buffer can be added;

●Appearance can be spray-painted and color is optional. The vertical three-roller gate with double movement adopts a stainless steel cold-rolled plate process. This process is generally used to make corrosion-resistant parts. Because some of the scenes of the three-roller gate are outdoors, they often encounter extreme conditions. Sun exposure, heavy snow and rain, the requirements for the material of the machine itself and the protection of the interior are extremely high.

In case of unexpected situations, such as power outage or emergency events such as fire, you can manually control the lever of the dual movement vertical three-roller gate to let the crowd pass quickly to prevent trampling. The movement of the three-roller brake can be controlled semi-automatically and fully-automatically. Semi-automatically refers to the above-mentioned unexpected situation, and the related operations are performed through the manual switch inside the chassis.