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Bridge type octagonal three roller gate

Bridge type octagonal three roller gate

It consists of three metal rods to form a space triangle. Generally, a hollow closed stainless steel tube is used, which is sturdy and not easy to deform. Bridge type octagonal three roller gate is divided into mechanical type from the movement control method...

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The bridge octagonal three-roller gate is composed of three metal rods to form a space triangle. Generally, a hollow closed stainless steel pipe is used, which is sturdy and not deformed. It can be blocked and released by rotation.Bridge type octagonal three roller gateIt is divided into mechanical type, semi-automatic type and fully automatic type from the movement control mode. It is divided into vertical type and bridge type in form. The vertical three-roller gate has a smaller volume and is easier to install; the bridge type three-roller gate has a longer channel and higher security.

The bridge octagonal three-roller gate machine integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and various reading and writing technologies into one, and adopts a standard electrical interface to the outside, which can facilitate the ID card, IC card, CUP card,System integration of reading and writing equipment such as SIM mobile phone cards, fingerprints, facial images, palmprint testers and static testers provides a civilized and orderly way for people to enter and exit, while eliminatingIllegal personnel come in and out; this system is also specially designed to meet the requirements of fire protection, so that in an emergency, the passage is unblocked to ensure the smooth evacuation of personnel.

1. Product introduction of bridge octagonal three roller gate

◇Structure: The whole product shape plate is made of 304 stainless steel and tempered glass, which is anti-rust, durable and durable. The equipment is simple to use and maintenance-free.

◇ Weight: 45KG (single) 65KG (double)

◇ Production process: laser cutting, die punching, full CNC processing, precise and precise grinding process

◇ Unlock time: 0.1S

◇ Passing speed: 50 people/minute (normally open state); 35 people/minute (normally closed state)

◇ Service life: normal use 3 million times without failure

◇ Length of swing rod: standard 250-260 (mm)

◇ Brake lever steering: unidirectional, bidirectional (optional)

◇ Structure material: frame 201 brushed stainless steel, upper cover 1.5mm box body 1.2mm

◇ Rod length: 500mm

◇ Drive mode: solenoid valve

◇ Joystick mode: open the door after power off, in line with

◇ Working environment: indoor and outdoor (the best awning)

Functional characteristics of bridge octagonal three roller gate

Modular design, composed of modularization is divided into chassis, movement, infrared, control center four parts, stable and simple to understand, easy to maintain.

The control center of the three-roller gate adopts NPN low frequency system technology to more effectively ensure the stability of the overall operation of the wing gate;

Independence of the control center: each gate device is equipped with an independent core control;

Three gate roller double anti-pinch technology: mechanical anti-pinch + infrared anti-pinch;

Synchronization is simple and stable: the synchronization of the two control centers is simple, requiring only a commonly used TCP/IP network cable, plug and play;

Use high-performance anti-glare, anti-interference stainless steel shell infrared system, NPN low frequency output, more stable and safe;

Each group of channels is designed with four pairs of infrared groups to more professionally detect the passing process;

There are no brushed faults on the surface of the chassis, the appearance is high-end and generous, and the top cover is equipped with a special flow indicator;

◇Three roller brakeThe heat dissipation design of the control box, multi-function protection, ensure the stability of operation, and control the motherboard to install the wiring terminals, which ensures the beauty and consolidation of the internal circuit, and also ensures the stable contact of all signal lines input to the motherboard.