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Scenic channel gate

Scenic channel gate

How to choose the scenic passage gate machine is the key to the scenic ticketing system. The choice of channel gate is related to the stable operation of the entire system. Therefore, the choice of channel gate should start from the following aspects...

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The shadow of the gate of the scenic passage can be seen in various tourist attractions.How to choose the scenic passage gate machine is the key to the scenic ticketing system. The choice of channel gate is related to the stable operation of the entire system. Therefore, the selection of channel gates should start from the following aspects:

1. The selection of casting materials for scenic channel gates: material is an important indicator to determine whether the channel gate is strong and durable. The main gate machine adopts all stainless steel design. The steel plate is 304 stainless steel. 304 has the characteristics of high nickel content (high brightness), not easy to rust, good toughness and so on.

2. The greater the load of the gate in the scenic spot, the greater the intensity of the gate. The higher the power consumption of the channel gate, the easier it is to age. The thicker the stainless steel plate, the less susceptible to corrosion and damage such as rust.

3. Waterproof performance of scenic channel gates: For open-air ticket inspection places, the channel gates must have waterproof function. The internal components of the ticket gate are some electronic originals. Once the water is injected, the internal components will burn out and inevitably affect the operation of the entire system.

4. Ability to cope with severe temperature: In countries with large temperature difference between north and south and high humidity, the winter temperature in the north is above minus 30 degrees. Too low temperature will cause some electronic components to stop working.

5. Appearance of channel gate: A good appearance will give a good first impression, so the first step in choosing a channel gate is to choose a good appearance.

The scenic passage gate is composed of the following parts:

Ticketing software and hardware equipment at the ticket office

Ticket inspection equipment, entrance control equipment and ticket inspection software

Computer room system data server, electronic ticket system management software, ticket management center software, financial management software.

Other equipment: data transmission equipment and network, communication interface converter, UPS backup power supply, etc.

The security mechanism of the scenic channel gate includes the following aspects:

1) Electronic ticket information encryption: the encryption technology in cryptography is used to encrypt the electronic ticket information.

2) Hardware encryption: All computers used in the system need to pass multiple layers of strict control such as dongle encryption, computer password verification, and background management approval, even if professionals cannot decrypt it.

3) Software encryption: Electronic tickets are generated by special barcode generation file 12-bit code encryption, and foreign barcodes cannot enter the system; the entire system has also carried out multiple encryption measures such as operator password login, background management computer approval, and database multiple encryption.

4) Limitation of validity period: For electronic tickets, the period of use can be stipulated, and admission can be checked at any time within the validity period.

5) Audit: Compare ticket sales and ticket inspections.

6) Extraordinary peak traffic safety: Regarding the problem of staff diversion during peak periods and major holidays, the following solutions are available: designing a barrier-free fast path.

7) Safe use of power outages: Configure UPS power supply with appropriate specifications and capacity, and require users to equip themselves with fuel generators. When there is a long-term power outage, the electronic ticket system can be operated normally.