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Anti-static access control system

Anti-static access control system

With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of industrial level, all kinds of safety accidents are still an important threat to production workers and high-tech products....

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With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of industrial level, all kinds of safety accidents are still an important threat to production workers and high-tech products. We are constantly reminded of the importance of occupational safety protection. Static electricity is a major threat to various industries. One of the "killers", the awareness of static electricity prevention has also been paid more and more attention.Therefore, a large number of anti-static product companies have been born. According to the anti-static requirements of production, there are many types of anti-static products, from personal anti-static products, anti-static products in the production environment, to product packaging and transportation. All of them are anti-static products. In this way, the anti-static products industry has a very promising prospect, because static electricity is not only harmful to the electronics industry, but even important companies such as chemicals also attach great importance to the electrostatic industry.The anti-static access control system is composed of static tester identification management software, programmable logic controller, door controller, card reader, tripod gate, static tester, infrared probe and 485 converter.

ESD翼闸圆斜边 刷卡带屏.png

1. Static tester identification management software

It is used to add employee information, issue cards, assign the authority of employees, and display the static test of employees and the situation of passing three stick gates in real time, and query the passage of relevant personnel.

2. Programmable logic controller

The programmable logic controller of the anti-static access control system is the'heart' of the entire system. It not only realizes the automatic identification of employees' identities, but also completes the system linkage with the static tester. When the card is legal and the static test passes, the relay on the programmable logic controller acts to drive the barrier and let the employee pass. The programmable logic controller is developed using a 32-bit ARM9 chip and embedded Linux operating system. It integrates PLC functions. The controller has a 485 interface for communication with a computer and a TCP/IP network interface, which can store 100,000 cards and 100,000 records. Through the SKDC door controller, it can realize communication with all Yuhao card readers, including key card readers and fingerprint card readers.

3. Door controller

The door-end controller is a bridge connecting the programmable logic controller and the card reader, and is responsible for uploading the card number read by the card reader to the programmable logic controller accurately.

4. Card Reader

Used to read the serial number of contactless proximity card.

5. Three stick gate

The access control equipment, when the employee's identity is legal and the static test passes, the barrier is opened to allow the employee to pass; otherwise it cannot pass.

6. Static Tester

An instrument used to test the static value of employees' hands and feet.

7. Infrared probe

It is used to detect whether the employee passes the three-stick gate.

8.485 converter

The programmable logic controller can be directly connected to the computer via TCP/IP. When the controller communicates with the computer via the 485 bus, a 485 converter needs to be added to the computer to convert the 485 signal to a 232 signal before entering the computer serial port.

Fourth, the system network diagram

The system network diagram shows the connection between the programmable logic controller and the electrostatic tester, card reader, triple roller gate and infrared probe.

The anti-static access control system further integrates the anti-static test of the human body with the enhanced control method of access control. Combined with the three-stick gate, wing gate or electronic door lock, the door opening signal is sent to the electronic door lock or channel when the electrostatic tester passes the test, and the door is released or opened only after the test passes. It is more common to combine the three-stick gate channel control, although it is strengthened by the access control method, but the disadvantage is that the ESD test report cannot be obtained, and the shoe test or full test must be manually dialed, which is more inconvenient in management.

The anti-static access control system combines the anti-static test of the human body with card swiping and software control methods. Currently, the focus of some customer inspections is on ESD report verification. Whether the personnel are indeed ESD anti-static tests every day, and do not accept artificially selected artificial reports or management improvement management methods; therefore, some larger companies have limited entrance space and personnel Too many or more cost considerations, focusing on ESD test record reporting and database management, can generate ESD test reports and analyze test status of various departments or personnel, save labor management costs and report inspection, using this method, disadvantages It is impossible to implement in time to prevent untested personnel from entering the ESD protection zone, but you can rely on ESD report software to automatically email abnormal personnel reports and test untested personnel reports to notify managers to take corresponding measures..