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ESD accessibility

ESD accessibility

There are a variety of control modes to choose from, such as barcode cards, ID cards, IC cards, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, LED display screens, ID card readers, biometrics and other reading and writing equipment...

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Barrier-free ESD access control system manual

The main functions and features of ESD anti-static access control system:

1.1 Main functions:

1) ESD access control system has a variety of control modes to choose from, such as bar code card, ID card, IC card, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, LED display, ID card reader, biometrics and other reading and writing equipment

2) The communication control board adopts 485 communication or TCP/IP communication, which is convenient for customers to choose.

3) It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various reading and writing devices, which is convenient for system integration, and can realize remote control and management through the management computer.

4) It can automatically count the number of passengers in the traffic direction, and present it to the managers in an intuitive LED (optional) mode, so that the managers can know the traffic number in a certain direction.

5) With clear direction indication, the intuitive LED light guide can clearly tell whether the entrant is allowed to pass.

6) Through software setting, the total number of personnel in the place can be limited to meet the special needs of some special occasions.

7) The ESD access control system has an automatic reset function. After the card is read and the passer does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the passer's current access authority, and the limited pass time can be set by the administrator.

8) Multi-functional user-friendly operation management software, providing customers with greater management expansion space.

9) The ESD anti-static access control system can directly detect whether the amount of static electricity carried by the human body conforms to the pass standard. The pass standard can refer to domestic standards, European and American standards, or set standards by yourself. The ESD anti-static access control system can be connected with an 8-inch color screen. The color screen display content is the same as the card storage information.

1.2 Features:

1) Swipe to identify effective identities, static detection can avoid forced intrusion, and improve the overall anti-static effect.

2) The card swipe system can choose induction card recognition or fingerprint recognition. The card recognition types include common EMID, Mifare, HID and other cards, and the original employee card can be used to realize the card pass.

3) Card permissions can be set to give different static detection options, such as VIPs or managers only need to swipe a valid card to pass; the detection permissions for anti-static detectors can be divided into 1) test wrist strap 2) test feet 3) Testing authority such as hand shoe testing.

4) The display screen is an 8-inch display color screen, which can display the test time, card number, work number, name, test results and photos, including various test information of static electricity detection.

5) Scientific information management, accurate and effective, 100% paperless records, ESD static detection host automatically log in to the test interface, and automatically generate complete ESD test management reports.

6) Real-time upload of detection data and real-time delivery of updated data to avoid data loss; if a network failure occurs, the detection data can be automatically saved to the network recovery and the saved data can be automatically uploaded to the server.

7) In case of network failure, the device supports long-term offline use, and the data storage space is 4GB when offline.

8) The software supports data export of entry report and exit report to provide a basis for personnel attendance.

9) The entire test panel of the electrostatic tester is designed to be waterproof and transparent to avoid and prevent the adverse effects of the external environment and extend the service life of the test instrument.

10) The test of the static tester is a touch type, which avoids the disadvantage that the traditional tester button type is easily damaged.

11) The static test resistance can be set according to customer requirements, the error of each set resistance is less than 5%, and the test speed is industry-leading.

Application areas:

The ESD access control system is suitable for factories in the electronics industry that strictly control human body static electricity and pursue pragmatism and improve product quality. Control the management of human body static electricity detection, the entry of those who pass the human body static electricity test, and the non-entry of those who do not pass the static electricity test. If you use the software with a swipe card to have a test record, give the static electricity tester detection authority and management, and overall improve the factory's hidden dangers to static electricity Prevention efficiency. 100% paperless records, automatic login results in the host memory to prevent human errors, and automatically generate complete test reports and outbound reports. Scientific information management, accurate and effective, to ensure the work area access and floor cleaning monitoring, to win customers' trust in product safety. Each test item of hand, left and right foot has independent test and result display. For each card, the static test permission level can be given according to the job position, and only the hand, two feet, full test, free test and other corresponding permission management can be measured.

working principle:

The tester gives an identification signal to the electrostatic controller when testing the employees. After being processed by the credit card system, the electrostatic controller gives a control signal to the three gates for employees to enter. (Swipe the card first-verify the card type and identity-perform static detection-upload the detection signal-give access or prohibition instructions at the door-save the computer data)

Correct operation process:

First wear electrostatic clothes, electrostatic shoes, electrostatic wristband electrostatic cap and other related static items. Then go to the entrance and exit of the three-roller gate and take the electrostatic wristband. Then touch the touch test button with your hand. When the three PASS lights are all on, the indicator light on the panel of the three-roller gate turns green and moves in the direction of the arrow.

1. Prepare for test work: The tester's feet must stand on the foot pedal (upper) to prepare for the test item, and the feet must stand in the middle of the footprint.


2. To test the anti-static wrist strap, please insert the wrist strap test hole on the tester.


3. Touch your finger on the test button.


4. If the test is qualified according to the card test item, the system will automatically open the gate tester to enter; if the test result is not qualified, then check your wrist strap or static shoes according to the test result.


5. After the test is completed, the employees view the results.


The test instrument will directly use LED lights to remind you of the test results.

PASS is passed, HIGH is high resistance value, LOW is low resistance value.

If both HIGH are bright and PASS is slightly bright, it means that what you are testing is close to failure.

At the same time, the LOW is bright, and the PASS is slightly bright. It proves that your wrist strap and electrostatic shoes have a low impedance and the impedance is fast. Please replace it in time.

ESD cabinet anti-static access control system case picture:



(The above picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product for details)

Specifications of the cabinet ESD: length 300mm*width 420mm*height 1040mm


1. The above pictures have different colors due to factors such as no processing, different environments, different pixel phones, etc. Actually, they are high-definition and error-free.

2. The touch buttons only need to be touched, no need to press hard, because the test button has replaced the traditional test button key, and the upgrade to the touch test button is more effective to improve the test effect.