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ESD three roller gate

ESD three roller gate

Adopt fully automatic transmission, the brake machine receives the brake release signal, the brake lever rolls forward 15 degrees, and the dark prompts pedestrians to pass forward, at the same time there are green arrow instructions, voice prompts and other auxiliary prompts, the call is actively launched, and the power is automatically dropped...

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The three-roller gate of the ESD access control system adopts full automatic transmission. The gate receives the gate opening signal. The gate rolls forward 15 degrees. It prompts pedestrians to pass forward. At the same time, there are green arrows, voice prompts and other auxiliary prompts. , Active power off when power off.The chassis material is made of domestic or imported 304 and 316, and the thickness is more than 1.5mm. The waterproof level is high, the chassis is waterproofed, and the electronic control and components are waterproofed.


The functional characteristics of the three roller gate of ESD access control system:

1. Intelligent motor drive, no wear on the transmission, the entire system runs smoothly, low noise, stable and durable performance.

2. The device has the function of powering off and dropping the pole, and automatically powering on the pole

3. The equipment has automatic fault detection function, which is convenient for maintenance.

4. The device has the protection function of the blocked running time

5. The device has a traffic indication function and a counting function.

6. The unified standard external electrical interface of the ESD access control system can be connected to various reading and writing devices

ESD三辊闸圆边 刷卡带屏.png

Pay attention to the appearance design: the appearance is open, novel and fashionable, the appearance is sanded, the appearance is treated, and there is no fingerprint trace on the contact. Long service life, easy repair and use, ultra-quiet. It has one-way and two-way (optional); it has a variety of operation forms to choose from, that is, two-way card reading and current limiting, and it can also read the card while prohibiting the other direction, while reading the card and the other direction. The control board has a recall function. After the gate is opened, the system that does not pass within the specified time will actively lock and the pass time can be adjusted.

ESD三辊闸圆斜边 刷卡带屏

ESD access control system three roller brakes use three rotating brake system rods, reasonably maintaining a single channel basis, strong anti-pollution and moisture-proof working ability, and strong natural environment adaptability. Commonly used in administrative methods, processing plants, intelligent buildings, residential quarters, tourist attractions, exhibition halls, colleges and universities, kindergartens, subway stations, leisure and entertainment clubs and other people's bank safe passage management methods and fully automatic ticket offices. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The difference between different self-category doors depends on the fact that they are used in different areas and their advantages are different. This is because the customers choose which ones are more suitable for themselves.