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ESD Human Comprehensive Tester

ESD Human Comprehensive Tester

The KDX-8001A human static electricity tester complies with the ESD+S20.20 standard. It is a measurement tool to detect whether the resistance of the human body through the wrist strap or work shoe ground is qualified. Test the wrist strap ground and work shoe ground separately Road resistance value is the fast detection of wrist band, left foot and right foot at the same time...

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Product catalog: numerical display human static electricity comprehensive tester

Brand: KDX

Model: KDX-8001A

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Product description: Measuring instrument to test whether the resistance of the human body to the ground through the wrist strap or work shoes is qualified

1. Product introduction:

ESD access control systemThe KDX-8001A human static electricity tester conforms to the ESD+S20.20 standard. It is a measuring tool to detect whether the resistance of the human body through the wrist strap or work shoe ground is qualified. Test the wrist strap ground and the work shoe ground separately. The road resistance value means that the wrist strap, the left foot and the right foot are detected simultaneously at the same time. Through the detection of the respective resistance values ​​of the three channels, the corresponding indicator lights and the detection resistance numerical results of each channel are judged. The value shows that the main board of the human body comprehensive tester is designed for digital circuits. It has resistance value output and has strong anti-interference ability. And accurate and fast resistance value measurement output, with stable access control function, can be used in conjunction with ESD management software to achieve the storage of ESD detection of numerical records and the function of querying reports. Any one of the two sets of management software that can be integrated into our CS and BS structure can be used to connect cards, fingerprint machines, face recognition, QR codes and other devices.


Products are used in: enterprises, institutions such as electronics, optoelectronics, micro-electromechanical, semiconductor, military manufacturing, scientific research institutes.

2. Product Performance Introduction

Tester range and resistance setting

The measuring range of resistance value is: 100KΩ--1111.1MΩ

Wrist strap ground resistance setting:

Lower limit resistance: fixed value 750KΩ

Upper limit resistance: can be set to 10MΩ or 35MΩ by dialing

Grounding resistance setting of left and right footwork shoes:

Lower limit resistance: can be set to 100KΩ or 750KΩ by dialing

Upper limit resistance: can be set to 35MΩ or 100MΩ or 1000MΩ by dialing

Resistance measurement accuracy: 100KΩ-500MΩ R≤±5% / 500MΩ-1000MΩ ±5%≤R<>

Test method: single test hand, single test shoe or hand test

Remarks: If the ESD access control system numerical display shows that the human body electrostatic tester is used on a network, the setting of the upper and lower limit resistance values ​​above can be manually modified at will through the ESD management software interface.


Three, the advantages of the human body comprehensive tester:

1. Performance parameters:

Working voltage: DC12V

Working current≤300MA

Dimensions: 178MM*128MM*35MM

Waterproof panel: built-in LED indicator

Working hours: unlimited

Working environment: temperature 0℃--50℃ humidity 10%--95%RH

Test resistance accuracy: reserve 2 digits after the decimal point

Test value speed: ≤1200ms

Touch test button with instrument working indicator

Test pass or fail test can choose buzzer or voice broadcast

Can be connected to our 4 inch, 7 inch or 8 inch LCD display

Factory default settings:

Wrist strap: 750KΩ--10MΩ

Static shoes: 750KΩ--100MΩ


ESD static test management software BS technical requirements:

1) MSSQLSERVER\MySQL database security management: With MSSQLSERVER\MySQL large database storage mode, multiple people or multiple computers can be online management, each person's account, password, permissions can be set by the administrator.

2) Large system networking: It can monitor more than 100 static detection access control system devices or internal network cross-factory management at the same time.

3) An ESD management system structured with various functions including "personnel management", "system report", "hardware setting", "10-second real-time monitoring", "mail report", etc.

4) Remote management: Easy and convenient webpage management method can be used for any ESD software management operation at any internal computer through the webpage (browser) by entering the server URL or IP at any time, without installing client software on each computer management.

5) A variety of test permission settings: you can set the card permissions & test conditions for each employee, card expiration date, etc. Staff and proximity card data can be imported and exported in batches.

6) Real resistance digital display record: automatically record the test results to the software, which can record employee card number, work number, name, date, time, wrist strap resistance value, left foot shoe resistance value, right foot shoe resistance value, The test results are various status records such as success, failure or overtime test.

7) Comprehensive conditions can be used to generate the ESD report required by managers or audit customers: can be queried based on test results and report types + (based on comprehensive conditions such as start/end date, department, employee data or test results) , To perform query operations and generate reports, the ESD test report after query can be exported in excel;

8) Automatically generate ESD report: You can set various ESD management reports of "test qualified personnel", "test failed personnel", etc. in different time periods each day, and the test results include real resistance values.

9) With front and rear entrance control function: optional to set up separate test entrance and gate entrance control (for example, set up multiple sets of swipe testers on the wall of the dressing room, and then arrive at the entrance gate of the workshop to swipe the card within a few minutes, as long as The tester in front of the test can pass the card to enter, so that it can reduce the number of gates or save space).

10) Remotely set the resistance value standard of each tester: the administrator can remotely set various resistance value settings of the tester's high standard, low standard, and near failure in the software.

11) Multiple software language versions can be switched at will: Chinese simplified version, Chinese traditional version or English version software.

12) The ESD access control system software actually records the resistance value measured by the hardware: the software actually records the resistance value according to the measurement result of the tester, without falsification. When the software records and inquires about the results, the actual test impedance values ​​of the left shoe, right shoe, and bracelet should be displayed for the test results. The content of the ESD report sent by Email should also display the test impedance value.

13) HR or Card-linked automatic update personnel function: with personnel update data table, which can be linked by HR or Card system to add new personnel (register) and delete personnel (log-out) into ESD software personnel update data table, by ESD The system software automatically updates the authority of personnel (addition or resignation) to each ESD controller.

14) With the system linkage customization option function: the data table interface can be opened for other system software to grab the swipe test data for statistical application, or the option can be used to throw the data into the database data table specified by other systems. (This item is a customized feature for a fee)