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ESD access control system

ESD access control system

Can solve this kind of problem very well. In the anti-static workshop, there are anti-static equipment: anti-static floor, ion fan, anti-static platform, etc. If the human body parameters are not qualified, such as electrostatic shoes and wrist straps, the static electricity accumulated by the human body will not be released to the workshop at a greater cost In the built anti-static environment...

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Everyone has more or less static electricity, some people have more static electricity, and some will have smaller static electricity.Most electronic factories will involve electronic components. The static voltage that the human body can usually feel is above 2-4KV, usually caused by friction. If we touch the static electricity in our lives with IC components, almost all ICs will be destroyed. If we do not get the corresponding protective measures in our work, a batch of scrap products will be produced. Will bring huge losses to the enterprise.


ESD access control systemCan solve this kind of problem very well. In the anti-static workshop, there are anti-static equipment: anti-static floor, ion fan, anti-static platform, etc. If the human body parameters are not qualified, such as electrostatic shoes and wrist straps, the static electricity accumulated by the human body will not be released to the workshop at a greater cost In the built-up anti-static environment; when entering the factory, there are people entering and exiting the current and voltage test. When the employee passes the static meter, the test instrument exceeds a certain resistance (750KΩ-100MΩ), the wing gate will refuse them to pass, must swipe, At the same time, the card will generate records, review the suspicious personnel or refuse to enter the workshop, and guarantee the production and quality of the product.

ESD access control system is mainly composed of static tester, three-roller gate, central controller, induction card reader, power supply, remote communicator, and management computer, server, etc.

1. Electrostatic tester: it is the core component of ESD access control. It indirectly reflects the static index of the human body by testing the resistance of the human body, so as to ensure that the tested person is qualified to wear shoes and wristbands, etc., and at the same time outputs a signal to subsequent components to drive Channel agency.According to the grouping signal of the central controller, the card reader can be tested in four situations: both hand and foot measurement, hand and foot measurement only, and no ESD detection.

2. Three-roller gate: ESD detector and induction card reader are equipped in the direction of the three-roller gate. Only one person can pass the card after passing the card and electrostatic test. The outbound direction is also equipped with a proximity card reader for the company to set itself as a bidirectional channel. The exit gate is equipped with an outgoing induction card reader, which can be set to go out by swiping card or free out.

3. Central controller: save employee data, determine whether the employee is allowed to pass according to the card swiping signal, which type of test is sent to the static tester, and then drive the three-roller brake mechanism according to the output signal of the static tester.

4. Induction card reader: Receive the card swiping signal and send it to the central controller for discrimination.

5. Power supply: provide power supply for all institutions.

6. Remote communicator: Provide communication between the central controller and the computer to complete the setting and data collection.

7. Management computer: install ESD access control management software.

8. Server: Install ESD access control system database, you can use the company's existing MicrosoftSQLServer database management system.


ESD electric access control system management software

1. Features

ESD access control system test management software technical requirements:

1) MSSQLSERVER\MySQL database security management: With MSSQLSERVER\MySQL large database storage mode, multiple people or multiple computers can be online management, each person's account, password, permissions can be set by the administrator.

2) Large system networking: It can monitor more than 100 static detection access control system devices or internal network cross-factory management at the same time.

3) An ESD management system structured with various functions including "personnel management", "system report", "hardware setting", "10-second real-time monitoring", "mail report", etc.

4) Remote management: Easy and convenient webpage management method can be used for any ESD software management operation at any internal computer through the webpage (browser) by entering the server URL or IP at any time, without installing client software on each computer management.

5) A variety of test permission settings: you can set the card permissions & test conditions for each employee, card expiration date, etc. Staff and proximity card data can be imported and exported in batches. Resigned employees support batch import and deletion.

6) Real resistance digital display record: automatically record the test results to the software, which can record employee card number, work number, name, date, time, wrist strap resistance value, left foot shoe resistance value, right foot shoe resistance value, The test results are various status records such as success, failure or overtime test.

7) Comprehensive conditions can be used to generate the ESD report required by managers or audit customers: can be queried based on test results and report types + (based on comprehensive conditions such as start/end date, department, employee data or test results) , To perform query operations and generate reports, the ESD test report after query can be exported in excel;

8) Automatically generate ESD report: You can set various ESD management reports of "test qualified personnel", "test failed personnel", etc. in different time periods each day, and the test results include real resistance values.

9) With front and rear entrance control function: optional to set up separate test entrance and gate entrance control (for example, set up multiple sets of swipe testers on the wall of the dressing room, and then arrive at the entrance gate of the workshop to swipe the card within a few minutes, as long as The tester in front of the test can pass the card to enter, so that it can reduce the number of gates or save space).

10) Remotely set the resistance value standard of each tester: the administrator can remotely set various resistance value settings of the tester's high standard, low standard, and near failure in the software.

11) Multiple software language versions can be switched at will: Chinese simplified version, Chinese traditional version or English version software.

12) The software actually records the resistance value measured by the hardware: the software actually records the resistance value according to the measurement result of the tester, without falsification. When the software records and inquires about the results, the actual test impedance values ​​of the left shoe, right shoe, and bracelet should be displayed for the test results. The content of the ESD report sent by Email should also display the test impedance value.

13) HR or Card-linked automatic update personnel function: with personnel update data table, which can be linked by HR or Card system to add new personnel (register) and delete personnel (log-out) into ESD software personnel update data table, by ESD The system software automatically updates the authority of personnel (addition or resignation) to each ESD controller.

14) With the system linkage customization option function: the data table interface can be opened for other system software to grab the swipe test data for statistical application, or the option can be used to throw the data into the database data table specified by other systems. (This item is a customized feature for a fee)

The following is a schematic diagram of the composition of KDX-8008 electrostatic protection access control system

1. Install the chassis


2. The appearance and description of ESD tester


3. Foot pedal appearance and description


Multiple choices on the display interface


Schematic diagram of electrostatic protection access control system topology