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Ordinary barrier

Ordinary barrier

Installed in the gates of high-end residential areas, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls: windproof, thermal motor protection, anti-lightning, anti-surge ordinary gates. Before using ordinary barriers, you must check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with this product...

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Installed at the gates of entrances and exits of high-end residential areas, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls: windproof, motor thermal protection, anti-lightning, anti-surge exquisite quick-pass doors. Before using the ordinary speed gate, you must check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with this product, that is, 220V±10%. In order to take into account the undervoltage phenomenon in some areas, the reliable working performance is maintained when the voltage is as low as 180V. If the ordinary gate brake lever is in a horizontal state during a power outage, you can open the gate of the gate of the gate and raise the lever with a hand shake. After an incoming call, directly press the "lever drop" button, the brake lever will automatically drop the lever and resume normal use.

The functional characteristics of ordinary speed gates:

1) The chassis is durable, waterproof, and can be used in outdoor environments;

2) Simple and elegant appearance, detachable flap, easy to change screen, simple operation;

3) Ordinary barriers are used to turn off the lights during the day and turn on the lights at night, adjustable time period control, energy saving and power saving;

4) It integrates light, electricity and mechanical control into one, flexible and convenient operation, and reliable use;

5) A variety of control methods are available for users to choose. You can use the buttons of the external control box to implement manual control of the rise, fall, windproof and stop of the gate, or you can choose a remote control device to control the operation of the gate remotely;

6) Using multiple protection measures (wind protection, motor thermal protection, anti-surge protection, anti-lightning protection, etc.), so that the reliability of the barrier operation has been greatly improved;

7) In addition to the general interface, the system adds air pressure waves and other protective equipment, so that the system has the functions of preventing smashing cars and people;

8) When used with the optional vehicle detector, it can be equipped with functions such as "automatically drop the rod after the vehicle passes" and "automatically raise the rod when the rod is dropped", so that the gate can have automatic closing and perfect anti-smashing Car function

9) With open priority function, which can effectively improve the efficiency of vehicles passing through the channel;

10) The system uses a standard electrical interface externally, which can be easily connected to other systems selected by the user;

11) All the moving parts of the ordinary speed gate speed gate have been adjusted to be suitable for movement and balance, so the machine has stable performance, stable operation, low noise and long service life.