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Advertising barrier

Advertising barrier

The wide application is based on adapting and guiding the needs of mid- to high-end consumers. The traditional barrier has a single function, and the advertising barrier perfectly combines the intelligent parking lot charging system with the advertising media, and moves the traditional ground media to the parking lot....

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As a new type of advertising, the speed gate of advertising barriers has a very strong form of display; it displays the advertising picture with a combination of graphics and text through a combination of dynamic and static. It has strong visuality, intuitively displays the advertising theme, and has a positive audience visual sense.

Second, the advertising barrierSpeed ​​gateDue to its unique communication method, the media's communication effect is accurate and effective; because advertising barriers are installed in communities, commercial areas, parking lots and other places with distinctive clustering characteristics, and have obvious consumption characteristics, advertisers can choose their own products Features Select specific consumption propensity groups and implement accurate communication. For example, real estate and beauty advertisements can be selected in luxury communities. They are targeted at high-consumption groups in urban areas and have potential consumption tendencies and obvious advertising effects.

The wide application of advertising barriers is based on adapting and guiding the needs of mid- to high-end consumers. The traditional barriers have a single function, and the advertising barriers perfectly integrate the intelligent parking lot charging system with the advertising media, and move the traditional ground media to the main traffic fortresses such as parking lots, restaurants, commercial and residential communities, office buildings, and highways. Improving the texture of traditional barrier equipment and the audience for outdoor advertising, although not a "great innovation", is at least an improvement and upgrade of traditional barriers. Advertisement barriers circumvent the disadvantageous characteristics of traditional barriers. With an intuitive and novel perspective, and exquisite and humanized picture expressions, it has received high attention from all walks of life and made it more responsive to consumer needs.

The barrier advertisement has the characteristics of long advertisement time and 24-hour display; because it is located between the parking lot and the important passage of the community, it serves the residents of the community and the cars of the community, and there are cars coming in and out all the time. Advertising information dissemination maximizes the promotion of advertising.

The speed of the advertising gate is stable and the price is not expensive. Ordinary barrier gates are small and single pole. The advertising barrier has a large chassis, and the brake lever is composed of louvers. The installation effect is better than the former, and the cost is higher than the former. It has commercial value and display effect. Manufacturers of poor quality are troublesome to use.

Advertising barrier: Mainly used for community entrance and exit management, it has the characteristics of fast opening, safety, convenience, etc. It is an ideal management and grooming equipment for high-frequency access passage of vehicles. Widely used in airport, residential area, parking lot, and other vehicle management places.

At present, China is in the stage of rapid development of industrialization and urbanization. According to statistics, China's existing buildings are 43 billion square meters, and the annual construction of new buildings is 1.6-20 billion square meters. The application of parking lot management systems is increasing day by day. The large-scale application of the field management system is becoming more and more mature. Outdoor advertising has a clear advantage over advertising on TV or magazines, because outdoor advertising is not like TV, and you can turn it off if you don’t want to watch it. Outdoor advertising has always been there, people coming and going.